Spidermak is based on the following theories:

Michael Porter's value chain

The value chain is a simple representation tool to show the shared value created in a company. In every company, there are primary functions (in direct contact with the client) and support functions(which enable the basic activities to work).
Michael Porter and Mark Kramer then worked on creating shared value, and also showed that CSR concerns everyone. Indeed, at each level of a company, it is possible to apply CSR. Find out more about Porter and Kramer's CSR value chain

Porter's value chain

Ed Freeman's name and face approach

The name and face approach was created by the founder of the stakeholder theory, Ed Freeman. Although he studied philosophy, his thoughts are also quite practical. He quickly realised that companies failed to dialogue with their stakeholders  because they had not designated one person as the representative of specific interests, with a name and a face - and with whom they could actually exchange. With this software programme, we encourage you to join this approach and designate one representative for each group of stakeholders  – with the plan to meet this person, in every day life. This software helps you monitor the dialogue but does not replace it. Find out more about Ed Freeman and the stakeholder theory.

Fabien Girandola's engaging communication

If you ask the average person if they want to protect the environment, the response is quasi-unanimous … but despite this, there are few people who spontaneously pick up rubbish off the streets. It was this postulate which led to the idea of engaging communication. This idea aims to find a solution to this indifference by enabling each person to set his/her own objectives and transform his/her ideas into action.