Monitor CSR on several sites

Assemblez les pieces du puzzle !


Spidermak has been designed in such a way to enable you to monitor projects being carried out in different departments, regional or national sites and subsidiaries. Indeed, the tool is adapted just as well to SMB managers, operating alone as to more complex structures, with several sites each with their own CSR manager. Therefore, subsections can be created so that you can manage and monitor your projects by activity and by location.


Furthermore, when we designed Spidermak, we were convinced that a tool should makes things easier and aim at making our clients self-sufficient. Therefore, we thought of four different subscriptions adapted to the structure of your organisation:

  • Beginner : Designed for those who are new to CSR, such as committed small and very small businesses, the tool is simplified: only one account, a limited amount of projects, one frame of reference: the Global Compact … But there is all the necessary to link this to the business strategy and communicate on results – all of this, amazingly - for free!;
  • Manager : moving up a notch, this offer enables the creation of as many projects as wanted, with one contact person and two frames of reference: the Global Compact and ISO 26000.
  • Team : With the team version, not only can you create as many projects as you like, but more than one CSR manager can have an account – there is a one supervisor (who has access to all the data) and the collectors, who are working on their area: a site or a field of action.
  • Team + : le nec plus ultra not only offers supervision but also gives unlimited access to the Nicomak hotline, distance training for the collectors and the supervisor - as well as the GRI frame of reference.