Measure the impact of your CSR projectsAtteindre sa cible

For CSR to become part of an organisation's DNA, it is vital to leave a trace of each project. By measuring, your CSR strategy will become more efficient because:

  • The objectives of CSR projects become clear when quantifiable target indicators are implemented; the project can be considered successful when these targets are achieved.
  • Assessing the projects becomes possible when the advantages of your CSR strategy are identified. The link between answering social needs and improving the organisation's competitiveness will only become obvious to all when it is upheld by arguments with figures to support them. 

A project which cannot be measured it is a project which does not exist. 

This tool helps you measure and prove impact, the financial as well as the social and environmental aspects. Indeed, with Spidermak you can assess your CSR projects in three ways:

  • Quantitatively with the indicators you choose;
  • Qualitatively with competitiveness points;
  • Qualitatively by assessing the impact on stakeholders.

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Spidermak is here to help you monitor the implementation of projects and measure their impact to decide whether they influence the company's profitability and sustainability. Spidermak can also help you to measure whether these projects have an actual positive impact  on stakeholders.