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CSR first developed in the corporate world at the instigation of a few passionate people. We are now entering a phase in which this approach is becoming increasingly formalised. Shared processes are being implemented, certain methods have given proof of their efficiency. To be part of this movement to professionalise CSR, you need efficient tools.

With Spidermak, we can help you make the right choices.

Spidermak enables you to systematise the way you deal with stakeholders, including the way you make a list of their concerns: first of all, we help you to choose the frame of reference (Global Compact, ISO 26 000, GRI) which you want to use for guidance and for the writing of your CSR report, adapted to your structure and to your strategic issues. Taking your stakeholders' expectations into account then becomes a key part of setting up your CSR strategy. In order to build a useful and effective dialogue, it is important to know who to dialogue with, to be able to say who your stakeholders are, to assess the type of relationship which already exists and to evaluate the expectations they have of your company. For each of the items you have chosen from the frame of reference, we suggest you then choose a representative from each stakeholder group – and make sure they have the two following characteristics: 

  • Their will to work with you (are they available? do they have time? the means? good will?)
  • Do they have power (power to make things happen or not happen) over your company? Can they decide in your place? Can they threaten you?

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These two characteristics will enable you to classify your stakeholders to define four dialogue strategies: 

  • Monitoring strategy: in this case, your stakeholder does not want to cooperate but does not have the power to make you do or stop you from doing something.
  • Defense strategy: in this case, your stakeholder does not want to cooperate and also wants to cause you damage.
  • Commitment strategy: your stakeholder is willing to work with you but lacks power.
  • Cooperation strategy: your stakeholder is not only able to help you but is also willing to cooperate. 

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Therefore, for each item from the CSR management frames of reference (Global Compact or ISO 26000) or the CSR reporting frame of reference (GRI), you will have identified the stakeholders and designated a representative from each group. You will then meet this representative to find out what there main concerns are - then you will be able to decide together upon a CSR project which will deal with this issue and contribute to achieving your own strategic objectives!

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Spidermak also organises the assessment of your projects. Making your CSR approach official goes hand in hand with implementing a process of continuous improvement. In this way, CSR becomes a real occupation, convincing to all!

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