Basing CSR projects on the objectives of Sustainable Development frames of reference (ISO 26000, Global Compact, GRI, etc.)

Choisir le bon chemin avec SpidermakThis tool enables you to carry out projects  in direct link with:

  • the requirements of the frames of reference which your company wishes to fulfill,
  • the expectations of your stakeholders,
  • your own internal goals,

and helps you avoid setting up projects which would not be relevant to your activity for the sake of following a trend. 

Monitoring CSR projects professionally

Just as marketing needs to be monitored to confirm the positioning and the communication methods which enable the objectives to be achieved, sustainable development must also be measured and its projects monitored to determine their success. 

Proving the projects' impact

Prouver l'impact des projets RSE avec Spidermak

The tool helps you measure and prove impact, from a financial point of view as well as from a social and environmental point of view. Indeed, this tool enables you to assess your CSR projects in three ways:

  • Quantitatively with the indicators that you choose
  • Qualitatively with competitiveness points
  • Qualitatively by assessing the impact on stakeholders

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Involving your teams

Spidermak helps you to involve your teams by giving them the possibility to carry out and monitor themselves the projects which are assigned to them. This makes them feel concerned, while you keep control by guiding and managing - because at the end of the day, you are the one who will have to answer for the project's success. 


Facilitating reporting

By collecting the information about the success and the difficulties which you faced with your CSR project, Spidermak makes your reporting easier, whether this approach is your own initiative or you are under the obligation of the Grenelle II law. This way, you can communicate transparently with precise and quantitative data about your sustainable development projects.